Hey folks, we are now at Robinwood Mill in Lydgate, and it’s so good! We are still in Todmorden, just no longer in a shop premises and no longer open to the public. You can still come and see us ( or us to see you) if necessary, just email for an appointment, and we will be running courses in local venues as soon as we are able to do so again. We can offer one to one tuition in your own home as well. And our garments, scarves and bags are available online (http//:www.cheekysewandsew.etsy.com) in Creative with Nature and Wonderfully Made (Both in Todmorden) and to order a bespoke item just email us. No markets this year due to Covid restrictions I think!!

What do we love about being in our new studio? More privacy, although we could not manage without our customers, being on the high street meant a fair few interruptions, mostly from curious people. Our view, we can see trees and hillsides from our window. The quiet, see both previous points. The space, it is smaller and more manageable, I have downsized a fair bit and I love it. My business is more streamlined and I’ve less stuff. The other users of the space, it is so good to be in a creative community, really inspiring and uplifting. My work, I am being more creative that I have been for several years, I am sooo happy.

Here I am in a rare selfie, happy in my new studio.