We’ve been busy bees at the workshop with our upcycling of late. We started making and selling upcycled inner tube belts last summer at the workshop, and at markets over Christmas, and now we are adding them to our etsy shop as well.  Upcycled inner tubes are a fantastic material, it’s soft and strong yet flexible. The over stitching adds structure and rigidity to the belts, as well as a dash of colour. they are a vegan alternative to leather belts as well as reducing waste, and making something new and gorgeous from something that was to be thrown away. I have also been dabbling with making some bracelets from the same overstitched inner tubes and they’re looking good. I’ll get some photo’s posted soon but here are a couple of the belts.

We’ve sold quite a few tie skirts in the run up to Christmas and in January so I’ll be making some more to stock up. They are still available to order. We will be listing a ‘make your own tie skirt’ course soon, it’s a couple of years since we’ve run one so it’s definitely time! It’s a course I love to run, everyone has a great time and the skirts are all so original. Watch this space or sign up for our newsletter.