Upcycling and Sustainability

Upcycling is a particular focus of ours at cheeky sew and sew, in fact I’d go so far as to say it’s a love of ours. With a focus on tweed, denim and a bit of velvet, we also upcycle inner tubes and jeans into a diverse range of belts, skirts, bags and more! It’s amazing what we can do, or show you to do, with old jeans and tweed offcuts. Most of my fabrics are industry waste or seconds if not actively upcycled, we’ve been an ethical refashioning business for a long time. I started off sewing ties together to make skirts in my bedroom a looong time ago!

And not only do we make and sell our own upcycled range of clothing and accessories, we’d love to show you how to do that. We offer upcycling and refashioning courses, or tuition (in groups or on a one to one basis). We can bring along our own ideas and pieces for you to learn to make, or help you realise your own designs and ideas, either way you’ll learn a solid skill set and a lot about dismantling clothing!!

We’re based in Todmorden, and run upcycling courses here but we’re happy to travel to teach as well, to individuals or groups. If you are interested in buying or stocking our upcycled garments then please check out our Etsy shop, and contact us to discuss your needs if necessary. We do offer wholesale to other businesses if you think you might be interested in stocking our range.