Cheeky sew and sew run regular swap events on a monthly basis. These range from Christmas present swaps in January, to bi-monthly clothes swaps and craft supplies swaps. These are run to encourage people to give their unwanted items a new lease of life, and get new things for free into the bargain. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure after all!

How these work

We use a voucher system for our swap events: you swap your items for vouchers and then swap your vouchers for other items at the swap. Items are usually graded into one or two vouchers and a ‘free’ table that you can help yourself to. If possible bring your items in earlier on the day of the swap event. Someone will look through your items and give you vouchers in exchange for them. The vouchers are also your ticket into the event. If you cannot drop your items off earlier in the day, there will be a half hour at the start of the swap event for you to do this.
Refreshments are served at the swap events and beer, wine and cocktails are served at our evening clothes swap events.

Calendar of swap events:

Craft Swap & Clothes Swap in March – date and time to be confirmed!