I have a couple of sewing machines for sale at the moment, one of the is an Empisal, which I had never heard of before but is a Japanese make, using the same working as the old Jones machines, but with a more powerful motor. I was looking on t’internet for info and  found what purported to be a free manual. Do scroll down the page and have a read, I’m not sure what it is a manual for but it reads like surreal poetry…
I think my favourite bit is: “The tongue-fishs of precludes were dyspeptic of empisal sewing machine manual.It had cancelled the unappetizingnesss of these coalesced and bernina 200e sewing machine disclosed ceremonials, pedagogically it was inhalant.” Exactly.
I also found a very good sewing machine advice page, especially for old Singer and Jones models, good tips on dating old machines, plus cleaning and maintaining. And it actually is a good informative website, this time I’m not joking.
Sewing Machine Pages – Advice Page