Many moons ago, in fact originally as a teenager whose father lived in Indonesia, I learnt to make batik, and I loved it. I started batiking patterns, motifs and pictures on leggings and t-shirts and the like, I starting selling a few, one of my mothers friends was a real fan and would always buy up whatever I had when she came to visit.  Over the next decade or so I made various clothes, took a few more courses when I was visiting my father in Indonesia, and started making a few artworks.

However work and single parenthood interfered and for some reason I still can’t remember I stopped making batik all together. I do still have a lot of my tools for batik, my wax pot, tjantings, waxes and dyes. When I started up the sewing workshop 4 years ago I came across them again and I contacted the dye manufacturer to see how well the dyes keep….very well apparently, absolutely no reason they wouldn’t still be fine….still it all just sat on the shelf. I’ve not made a piece of batik for a decade.

But I’ve decided this needs to change, I loved making batik, I still have everything I need to do so. So I am going to start up again, probably just a few little pieces, jazz up some clothes like I’m a teenager again, but hopefully it will get further than this and one day you will see my batik in my workshop, or maybe even come and learn how to do it….I’ll keep you posted.