The sewing machine servicer came and serviced sewing machines again last week, his name is Peter and he used to run a sewing machine shop in Huddersfield. He retired a couple of years ago but he still services machines. I had an old 1940’s singer that needed a foot pedal and he found one in his workshop for me! He comes over regularly to service both our machines in the shop and ones that people bring in and he always goes above and beyond what he needs to do, finding little clips for cases and bushes for foot pedals and the like. The foot pedal assembly for old singers can be hard to get hold of and very expensive so when he found one is his workshop and only charged £5 I decided he really is a very very nice man. I think he quite enjoys coming over to us as we often have old machines or unusual ones for him to mess around with, and he often stops and tells me all about them. I bet his workshop is really interesting too judging from the amount of bits and bobs he manages to find for us. so if you’ve got an old machine that needs some tlc, or a new one, I reckon Peter is your man!!