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…a very very nice man…

The sewing machine servicer came and serviced sewing machines again last week, his name is Peter and he used to run a sewing machine shop in Huddersfield. He retired a couple of years ago but he still services machines. I had an old 1940’s singer that needed a foot pedal and he found one in […]


Never too young to learn….

We had a fab time at the Open Day on Saturday, lots of youngsters making things and having a go on the sewing machines. ¬†Even really little ones could make the machine run by turning the hand wheel, so they all got a go, and it just goes to show; You’re never too young to […]


Wrap me in duct tape!!

We ran one of the most entertaining courses I’ve held so far on Saturday – ‘Make a Body Double’, which involved people making a dressmakers dummy to an exact copy of their body. And how did we do this? Well we had people working in pairs and spending their day wrapping each other in clingfilm […]